Bob Cramer CEO of Nimbit Offers Direct-to-Fan Advice - Ep. 26: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

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Today's guest on The Music Biz Weekly Podcast is Bob Cramer, CEO of Nimbit.

Nimbit creates solutions for independent musicians and independent record labels around the Direct-to-Fan Music Business Model. Direct-to-Fan gives musicians control over their music, fans, business and careers.

Nimbit artists use an online dashboard to see and manage their music business. This includes sales information, fan information, marketing promotions and results, storefront results, central product catalog (e.g., digital and physical music, merchandise, eTickets), central content management (e.g., band profile and gigs). This allows products and content to be entered once then viewed and changed in one place.

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Ep. 26: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Bob Cramer CEO of Nimbit Offers Direct-to-Fan Advice by Thorny Bleeder

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10 Career Tips From Hank Moody & Californication

Hank Moody, Californicaion
I don't watch much TV, but Showtime's Californication is undoubtedly one of my favourite shows from the past decade. It's honest, hilarious and it truthfully captures the life of tormented yet creative artist.

The show's central character Hank Moody, portrayed by David Duchovny, is an erratic but esteemed writer who frequently becomes embroiled in bizarre, and in some cases, scandalous situations. Yet he's highly successful and everyone loves him, or loves to hate him.

Hank's a messed up guy, yet I still think there's a lot we can learn from his straight forward, no-bullshit attitude towards life.

So here's what I came up with:
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Marketing via Targeted Connections

Focus on Quality
I don't care what industry you're in, but the quantity of your followers means nothing compared to the quality of your followers.

And by followers, I mean your Facebook
Friends, your Twitter Followers, those who have you in a Google+ Circle, and your email subscribers… amongst many others.

Here's a quote I recently heard while listening to the
Six Pixels of Separation Podcast with Mitch Joel (sorry, I can't recall which episode it was):

If you don't surround yourself with people who have the potential to care about you and care what you're doing, you're wasting your time, you're wasting your effort and wasting your potential. You have to find these people in a mindful and systematic way.

Truth. Keep this in mind, as this also pertains to who you bring into your inner circle as a part of your team.

So whatever you do, don't just focus your online social media efforts on quantity of connections. Instead, focus your efforts on building a true network of quality fans and influencers.

Don't know how? For starters, put Twitter Search to work for you. I recently did an 84 min. webinar on this exact topic (How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Music). Click here to purchase it for only $5, using the following discount code: mbww050.

What methods do you use to connect with potential fans and industry insiders who matter most to you?
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Engage Your Audience. But what the hell does that mean?

Fan Engagement
Do you constantly hear people tell you to "Engage Your Audience" when it comes to social media? 

I see and hear those words everywhere. And admittedly, I almost always use those same words myself when consulting with clients. 

Engage Your Audience.

Its become one of the most overused phrases in online marketing. Yet despite its overuse it remains the most succinct way to summarize the concept of how to successfully market your brand (or band) using social media.

But how many of you actually understand what this marketing lingo actually means? To help you out I've brainstormed 15 Tips on how you can put the word Engage to use in your everyday social media status updates.

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Music Industry Showcase Tips for Artists - Ep. 25: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

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Music Panel Judges
In this week's episode Michael Brandvold and I have an open discussion about how an artist or band can make the most of an industry showcase. Both of us have participated in many different panels over the years, with Michael most recently being on a panel earlier this week at the Driven conference in Atlanta.

Whether your showcase is in front of a panel of judges, A&R reps, music industry executives, or just in front of an audience of tastemakers at a conference… we have some straight forward and simple advice to share with you.

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Ep. 25: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Music Industry Showcase Tips for Artists by Thorny Bleeder
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Video Premiere: Art of Dying Party and Play Hard on 'Get Thru This'

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Art Of Dying just premiered the new official new video for Get Thru This today on Noisecreep.

Here's what Noisecreep had to say about it, republished as it originally appears here...Click to Read More...

Foo Fighters Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

This is fucking brilliant.

On Aug. 30th, 2011 Westboro Baptist Church called for a picket of the Foo Fighters show in Kansas City. Well, Dave Grohl and Co. had a little something up their sleeves as a rebuke to their religious hate-speak.

And to you bands and artists out there, remember that blog post I made a few days ago? Looking for Success? 10 Ways To Go Beyond the Usual. This is the shit I'm talking about folks…
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Success In The Music Industry

I've heard the name, but knew nothing about him. But after reading the most recent Lefsetz Letter (from Bob Lefsetz) titled Howard Bloom - Success in Music Industry, I was beyond intrigued about this former music industry publicist, Howard Bloom.

Howard Bloom is an American author. Born June 25, 1943 in Buffalo, New York, he was a publicist in the 1970s and 1980s for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx. In 1988 he became disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since then he has published three books on human evolution and group behaviour, The Genius of the Beast, The Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle, which are informed by his ideas about what underlies the success of major rock and roll artists.

These books generalize and extend his ideas about what makes rock and roll artists successful to human nature. According to him: "Everything from the wolf-pack behaviour of music business executives to the lemming-like conduct of hypocritical journalists helped shape my insights" and that "The real magic of rock happens at a concert, where if the performers are successful, individuals ... merge in a pulse of common emotion ... This consolidation mirrors the force that create much of both human good and evil".

Turn off the TV. Hit pause on your music… and watch the video below, it's 6 minutes well spent. There are so many incredible quotes from Howard in this short little video, including:

"There is no such thing as being a genius. Every single day you have to deliver things in wondrous ways to the best of your minimal abilities."

"The trick is persistence… once you get a sense of what you want to do, do it with all your strength and all your might and do it every day…"

What take-aways did you get from this video?
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Is Social Media a Silver Bullet to Success?

Silver Bullet to Success?
There is no silver bullet, no single solution to success in music, the arts, or entrepreneurial startups. But... there is a very well known and proven path. 

In marketing, it's referred to as the Sales Funnel, which is as described as simply as this:


Now, if we parlay that into Music Marketing Direct-to-Fan terms, here's a formula for you to consider, made popular by technology blog Techdirt here: 

CwF + RtB = $$$

defined as: connect with fans + reason to buy = sales
(read more about this formula here)

While social media won't guarantee your success, if it's used smartly and creatively it will begin to illuminate the path to awareness with your target audience. What you do with that connection is up to you.

And that's where it all begins...
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Social Media Week Vancouver: Music Is Social. Are You?

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Social Media Week
I'll be hosting a very special Arts Mashup during Social Media Week, and it's totally free too. Here's the details on the session, I hope to see you there!

Music Is Social. Are You?
How to Use Social Media to Elevate Your Career as an Artist


Join Brian Thompson (leading music biz blogger, music industry consultant, artist manager) from Thorny Bleeder and Chris Brandt (Music Business Professor) from Nimbus School of Recording Arts in a three hour session dedicated to helping artists understand the world of social media and how to leverage it to create new fans and business opportunities in the arts.

Friday, September 23
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
ING Café (466 Howe St., Vancouver, BC)
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Looking for Success? 10 Ways To Go Beyond The Usual.


1 Dare to be different. 
2 Create a stir.
3 Stand out from the crowd.
4 Get people talking.
5 Be consistent.
6 Be real. Be transparent.
7 Be patient and let people discover you on their own.
8 Have some Wow factor!
9 Connect with fans.
10 Pull people in. Don't push.

'Amazing' will spread on its own… but only if you let it happen naturally.

If you focus on pulling people into your world one at a time, rather than cramming your content (a product, a message, a sales pitch) down people's throats, you will find yourself going from gaining ten new fans at a time, to hundreds at a time... to literally thousands.

~ Brian ThompsonClick to

A Plan to Focus on Fan Relationships. Ep. 24 - The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

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Today's podcast is all about the importance of fan relationships. Without fans, your music will simply fall on deaf ears and you'll have no chance of a career in music.

Michael Brandvold and I talk about the importance of having a long term plan and a band philosophy which everyone agrees with and which can be a unifying theme behind everything you do.

The idea for today's discussion popped up after seeing the following article on
Hypebot. Check it out:
Rich Holtzman, Manager Of Portugal. The Man On How Social Media Built & Saved The Band

You can
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Ep. 24: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - A Plan to Focus on Fan Relationships by Thorny Bleeder

And as a thanks to you, the dedicated listeners of our podcast, we'd like to pass on a special discount for our recent webinar.

Just use the following coupon code -
mbww050 - and you can receive our 84min. hands-on video tutorial entitled How To Use Twitter to Promote Your Music for only $5.

That's a 50% savings from our regular price. Only 5 bucks to learn how some advanced Twitter techniques to gain new fans and promote your music? Sweet.

Download the 84 minute hands-on video tutorial here.
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Grace Under Pressure: Persistence & Perseverance

persistence of a dream
Actress Shirley MacLaine realized at a young age that if she wasn't selected for a role that she auditioned for, it simply wasn't her time yet… it was someone else's. She accepted that if she didn't get a part, it was because she wasn't prepared enough. 

She didn't let it get her down. She didn't give up. Instead, she became even more
relentlessly focussed on her goals with a renewed energy to keep working at her craft.

Keep the dream people. Never stop improving yourself. Keep your goals in sight and your time
will come. But... you have to be ready for it first.

~ Brian Thompson
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Top Barriers Limiting You From Your Dream Job

If you're a regular reader & viewer of my blogs, video blogs and podcasts you'll know that I frequently compare the pursuit of a career of an artist to that of being an entrepreneur.

In my daily scouring of the net to share articles with you in
The DIY Daily newsletter, I stumbled upon this fantastic article and just had to share it with you.

What do you think? What's holding
you back from accomplishing your dreams? Chances are… it's you. We are often the biggest obstacles to achieving our own goals.

Ok, here it is…
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Released Today: New Album from Billy the Kid & the Southside Boys on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

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The new album from Billy the Kid & the Southside Boys, Ours, is officially released today on iTunes, Amazon and the popular streaming music site Spotify.

And of course the album is also available on Billy's website as either a digital download, a CD or on Vinyl. She also has a bunch of different merch + album bundles available as well, check them out here.

If you haven't seen this iPhone-shot video yet, check it out, it's for one of my favourite songs from the new album,
Us Broken Hearts.

See Billy LIVE on tour this month…

US Tour Dates: Summer 2011
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Booking Gigs and How to be Prepared: Ep. 23 - The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

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The title says it all.

In a band and unsure how to go about booking shows or how to approach putting a tour together? Then you need to listen to today's new podcast.

Listen to it on Soundcloud
here or just click play on the player below.

What hurdles have you faced while booking shows?
Share your experiences and knowledge using the comments below!

Ep. 23: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast- Booking Gigs and How to be Prepared by Thorny Bleeder
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How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Music (free download)

Here's a free download of the slideshow that accompanied last night's Music Marketing Webinar that Michael Brandvold and I presented on behalf of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast.

Music Marketing Webinar - How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Music

Did you miss the live webinar?

Download the 84 minute hands-on video tutorial
here for only $9.99.

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