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It’s The Bleeder Blog’s One Year Anniversary!

Yup, this blog and website has been up and running for a full year now, so it’s time to celebrate with some free new music, woohoo!

When we launched
The Bleeder Blog in December 2008, we did it alongside a free album download, titled Get Thorny. It featured sixteen tracks by sixteen up and coming independent artists, and the response was overwhelming. In the past year we’ve had thousands and thousands of music fans from all over the world download the compilation and fall in love with some new artists which they probably would never of had the chance of hearing before.

So now we’re doing it again with
Get Thorny 2. Seventeen tracks from seventeen amazing independent artists in glorious 320 kbps MP3 high fidelity. Each track has been carefully filtered through our Thorny Bleeder ears to ensure that we pass along nothing but the finest to our listeners.

Download the album here
and please...share it with your friends!

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By doing any and all of the above,
you can personally help each of these artists in getting their music heard by the world!

And lastly, if you love any of the bands on this free download,
please support them by buying their album or t-shirts. Making music of this quality isn’t cheap, so every penny counts in keeping the music coming!

Ok, enough talk...let’s get to the music. Here’s what you’ll find in the new compilation:

Get Thorny 2: Free MP3 Compilation Album Download
Get Thorny 2
Free &Legal Album Download
Grab it. Love it. Share it.

Track Listing:
1 Columbia - 10 Out Of 10
2 Ross Neilsen - Walk In The Sun
3 Black Hat Villain - My Generation
4 Stars Of Boulevard - You Can Take The Money
5 TV Heart Attack - AO
6 Whitfield - On Top Of The World
7 Burning Borders - Beauty School Drop Out
8 Burn Hollywood Burn - Electric Fire
9 Isle Of Thieves - Hollywood
10 The Rebellion - Dr. Don't
11 Floodlight - Broken Record
12 Run The Red Light - Brave New World
13 The BaDD HaBBits - Clap Yo Pants
14 The Painted Birds - Wash Away
15 Scott Valentine Presents - Forgotten
16 Cory Woodward - Slipping Away
17 British Columbians - In The Leaves

Free & Legal Download
DRM Free 154 MB Zip File High Quality 320 kbps MP3

And don’t forget to download Get Thorny Volume 1.
(’s free too).

I hope you enjoy the new tunes.
Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

-- Brian Thompson

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