The Rock Star Branding Podcast Ep #77 - Little Caesar, Pizza... or Rock n’ Roll?

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rock n roll pizza
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Join myself, Michael Brandvold and our new co-host for 2014, Ron Young from the band Little Caesar.

In today's episode we talk about the sometimes painful, head-scratching decisions that record executives make when given creative license with a band's branding and marketing strategies.

Ron shares some fantastic insight from his major label days that involve rock n' roll... and a pizza chain.

Enjoy the show!
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The DIY Daily Podcast #471 - November 15, 2013 - Do You Try And Turn Bathwater Into Wine?

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do you try and turn bathwater into wine? - Brian Thompson
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from Brian Thompson here.

Today's the 2nd Birthday of
The DIY Daily Podcast!

two years of recording every single weekday... crazy.

thank you so much for listening everyone!

Today's episode features a discussion on:

Gut Check: We didn’t get into art to get rich. We did it to facilitate transcendental human creation.

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The Featured Song of the Week is Never Learned How to Dance, by Bodhi Jones.

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The $8 billion iPod (TED Talks Video)

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The following TEDtalks video form comedic author Rob Reid unveils Copyright Math, a remarkable new field of study based on actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and lobbyists. In this video Reid completely skewers the entertainment industry's inflated claims of damages that result from copyright infringement.

“[The first MP3 player] was a big Christmas hit, because what little hoodlum wouldn't want a million and a half bucks-worth of stolen goods in his pocket?”

Watch the video below for his hilarious 5-minute lecture, in which he demonstrates just how off-base some of these numbers from the RIAA and MPAA are.

Rob Reid is an author and a serial entrepreneur. He founded the company that created the Rhapsody music website, and his latest book, Year Zero, will be published in July. In it, aliens seek to erase the ruinous fines on their vast collections of pirated American music by destroying the Earth. Parts of it are made up.Click to Read More...

Are Musicians Still Delusional About Getting Signed? - Ep. 32: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

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Major Label Cartoon
We've chatted about this before… but we're talking about it again.

Why? Because it's a fact that
75% of artists still want to get signed by a major label, despite the fact that the majority of artists never see any money from these relationships and they often get dropped after only a couple of years, leaving them with nothing… not even the ownership of their album masters.

Michael Brandvold and I as we kick off our discussion around a recent email to Bob Lefsetz that was sent to him by Matt Murphy, The Jazz Lawyer.

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Ep. 32: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Are Musicians Still Delusional About Getting Signed? by Thorny Bleeder

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments, join in on the discussion below...
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Episode 5: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast
Social Media Etiquette

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The Music Biz Weekly Podcast
Here it is folks, this week's episode of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast, with your hosts Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder and Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing.

This week's discussion is about Social Media etiquette on Facebook and Twitter, along with some additional tips and tricks to help take you to the next level of engagement and interactivity with your followers and fans.

Episode 5 Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Social Media Etiquette by MichaelBrandvoldMarketing
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here and Michael on Twitter here.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your own tips and tricks with us!

Thanks for listening, see you again next week!
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Episode 4: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast
Music Industry Still Blaming Napster

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album sales
This week's episode of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast is a discussion spurned from the chart, pictured to the right, which was featured today on numerous websites including Mashable, Hypebot, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Listen to the podcast below and feel free to download a copy of the mp3 for your iPhone/iPod (by clicking on the little down arrow):
Episode 4: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Music Industry Still Blaming Napster With False Numbers by Thorny Bleeder

Below is the original article, appearing as it was published on Mashable:

According to the labels, record sales would have burgeoned if not for the existence of file-sharing site Napster. The labels’ optimistic forecast comes in the form of a chart included in a trial brief for their case against LimeWire.

The above chart was born out of a case brought by major labels like Sony Corp.’s Arista Records and Warner Music Group Corp.’s Atlantic Records against LimeWire. The trial is scheduled to begin May 2.

In the brief, the labels say:

“The evidence will demonstrate that there has been a $55 billion decline in record industry revenue over the last decade. Plaintiffs and Defendants disagree as to whether mass filesharing through peer-to-peer services has been the primary cause of this decline (Plaintiffs’ position), or just one of several causes (Defendants’ position). But even if LimeWire caused only a fraction of this decline, Plaintiffs’ damages would still be in the billions of dollars. Plaintiffs will offer evidence at trial demonstrating that far greater than a fraction of this harm was caused by LimeWire.”

What do you think of the labels’ position? Are Napster, LimeWire and Co. to blame for the declining music industry? Should the labels have embraced file-sharing earlier and adapted it to their own purposes? Let us know in the comments.

[via Mashable, via The Hollywood Reporter]
Image courtesy of
iStockphoto, shulz
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Episode 3: The Music Biz Weekly
Majority Of Bands Still Want To Get Signed

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The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

Welcome to the third episode of The Music Biz Weekly, a weekly podcast co-hosted by Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson.

We've been getting some amazing feedback, keep 'em coming! Send us your subject ideas for future episodes, thoughts on what we've discussed and any comments on how we can make the podcast better.

This week’s episode:
Majority Of Bands Still Want To Get Signed
In a recent survey conducted by ReverbNation and Digital Music News, over 75% of indie artists said that it was one of their goals to get signed to a record label.  The exact percentage varied from genre to genre, including a high of  81% of hip hop artists wanting a deal, and a low of 63% of alternative artists wanting to get signed. See the poll here.

Episode 3: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast - Majority of Bands Still Want to Get Signed by Thorny Bleeder

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