The Music Biz Weekly Ep. #158 - Signing with a Record Label vs. Staying Independent

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This? or That?
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In this week's episode we discuss some of the differences an artist could expect when considering to work with a record label, versus staying independent and managing everything themselves.

We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below with your thoughts on today's episode.

Enjoy the show!

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listen to the audio:
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A Behind the Scenes Video Message from Filming Vogville Presents... Conversations

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last night we began filming some intros for the new TV show I’m hosting,
Vogville Presents... Conversations. if you missed my announcement about it a few months back, read all about it here.

today we shoot our first full episode.

watch the clip below to find out who my very first guest is!

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FREE 1 Hour Music Marketing Workshop from Brian Thompson aka @thornybleeder - Stand Out From The Crowd!

Stand Out From The Crowd. Tap into the Full Potential of the Social Web
as a thank-you for signing up to my newsletter, i have an exclusive one hour music marketing workshop i'd like to share with you. just enter your email address in the box provided, and shazam!

what you're going to see is an exclusive video I prepared as a private workshop for the 2013 Virtual Music Conference, titled:

Stand Out From The Crowd:
Tap Into The Full Potential Of The Social Web

There's more to social media than just posting the odd photo to Facebook or Tweeting from a concert. There's a psychology behind it.

Learn how and why music fans use the internet and what you can do to be a part of that experience with them. Learn advanced fan engagement techniques and how you can build your brand, reach your target market, and grow your fan base.

I hope you find this digital workshop helpful for you and your music career.


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NOW ON VIDEO: The Music Biz Weekly Podcast #95 - Creating a Product for a Market that Doesn't Want One

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After publishing 94 episodes, we decided to go video.

We're now on YouTube.

The Music Biz Weekly is a weekly podcast co-hosted by
me (Brian Thompson) & Michael Brandvold. Each week we interview movers and shakers in the music business and discuss music marketing techniques for the DIY independent musician.

Join us for a 50 min. discussion on the problem musicians face by feeling like they have to create a product for a market that doesn't want to buy one.

Artists find themselves creating a commodity for an audience who has become accustomed to not paying for music.

What options are left for artists to monetize their music and brands?

What can you do, what can you create, what can you sell? The experience and the emotions. Think and look outside the box for the experience that your fans want to be part of. The music business has changed and you need to think differently as the market no longer wants to buy just the music alone.

Press play and hear what to have say.

Audio Version Here:

This podcast series airs every Friday in all of the usual spots. Find it right here on Thorny Bleeder or on, or you can also tune in or subscribe to it on iTunesSoundcloud, or Stitcher Radio.Click to Read More...

Lance Armstrong Covers Radiohead's Creep (Video)

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what do you think?
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Three Robots Jam to Motorhead's Ace of Spades: Compressorhead, the World's Heaviest Metal Band (video)

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Have you ever seen robots play rock n' roll before? How about one with a four-armed drummer? Or one with a 78 fingered "metal" guitarist?

Check out this video of robot band
Compressorhead performing Ace of Spades by Motorhead, the world's heaviest metal band.

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Creative Digital Marketing for Musicians: Video of a Live Presentation from Brian Thompson

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Songwriters Association of Canada
At the beginning of 2012 I flew to Toronto for a live speaking engagement for Songposium 2012, a yearly event put on by Songwriters Association of Canada.

And now, almost one year later, here's a live video of that very session. It's a presentation on creative digital marketing for songwriters and musicians. Most of the presentation is centred around the following blog post of mine:
Top 31 Ways to Suck at Social Media Marketing.

Don't forget to share it with your friends and fellow musicians, eh?

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Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

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I just stumbled upon this video on Reddit and just had to share it with you.

The best humour is always steeped in a good dose of reality with a slap of witty sarcasm.

And this video hits on all points.

In this installment of "
Ask A Network Head," Natalie asks the head of programming at MTV why they stopped playing music videos. And gets a fun answer! Yay!

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Free Music Marketing Webinar Announcement: Breaking Down The Wall: How to Use BandPage Everywhere to Connect More Deeply with Your Fans

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Join Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold from The Music Biz Weekly for a 60 minute free webinar, followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

Monday, Oct. 08, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (Pacific Time)

We are very excited to have Matt Conn, Dr. of Pages from
BandPage, be our special guest to help deliver this webinar:
Breaking Down The Wall: How to Use BandPage Everywhere to Connect More Deeply with Your Fans.

You will learn:
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MySpace Reveals New Layout and User Interface (Video)

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MySpace leaked a new teaser video this morning showcasing the embattled social network's new user interface and design.

As of the publishing of this post, no official comment from MySpace has been made regarding when the new site will be revealed and launched. Oddly, no update has been made on the company's own
Press Room blog since June either.

But there is a new landing page where you can sign up for an
early invite.

The new landing page offers us the following tidbit:
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Musicians: Most of Your Videos Aren't Completely Viewed

YouTube Video Tip
Musicians... something to consider:

Here's a quote taken from the latest Lefsetz Letter:

"Less than 7% of music videos watched online are watched to within 15 seconds of the end."

What's the takeaway?

Grab the viewers attention within the first 10 seconds… and then keep it.

Don't lose them.

Add some WOW to your videos, right from the very start.Click to Read More...

A Hipster's Wet Dream: Vintage Instruments (Video)

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The video below is a hipster musician's wet dream. Let's face it, whether they identify as a hipster or not, the bearded folks who fall into that cultural stereotype love vintage gear… and this video has it all.

Seriously though, it would be crazy-fun to have access to all of these amazing instruments and sounds in a studio.

From analog drum machines to vintage guitars, orchestral percussion to circuit-bent children's toys, 1980s Russian synthesizers to Indian harmoniums…these are the instruments of
Robot Repair, is a music company that composes music and sound design for advertising, TV, film and art projects.

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SPECIAL: Live Video Hangout & Acoustic Performance by Billy the Kid (FREE) this Sunday 6pm @thornybleeder

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Billy the Kid - Pledge Music Album Funding Campaign
I haven't done a live video internet hangout chat thingy in ages and ages. And that's why this live and free interactive event is super special.

Join me on my UStream page this Sunday, July 22 at 6pm PST where I will be joined by my dear friend and special guest Billy Pettinger, aka Billy the Kid.

Billy is in the middle of a Pledge Music campaign for an upcoming album with producer Jamie Candiloro, the guy behind some killer Ryan Adams and R.E.M. records. Check out Jamie's discography here.

Billy and I will just be hanging out and talking, and chatting with viewers of course… but Billy will also be bringing along her guitar, so yes… some live acoustic performances are definitely going down.

Last time we did this, Billy wrote a song with our online audience. It was pretty rad.

Join Us:
Sunday, July 22 at 6pm Pacific:

Live video from your iPhone using UstreamClick to

How NOT to Behave in an Interview (Video)

Media Training 101 For Artists, Bands & Musicians
Why Media Training Is Important

Bands: Don't Be A Pretentious Dick

There's an art to a good interview, and it's not just on the shoulders of the person conducting it. The interviewee plays just as important of a role, if not more so.

I'll save the Media Training 101 For Musicians for a future post (I promise), but artists need to be aware of certain things such as:

- How to keep an interviewer on topic (don't start talking about movies if your goal with the interview is to promote your new album)
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Webinar Recording Now Available: How to Submit Your Music for Licensing Opportunities with Music XRay

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The most effective way to use Music Xray. Many users overlook the feedback loops that provide insights in to what they can improve. It may not be your music that needs improving, it could be your submission strategy.

We'll peek behind the curtain and show everyone how Music Xray works from the perspective of the Music Industry Professional (MIP). See how Song to Opportunity (S2O) matching works from their perspective and see how each professional can leverage the collective filtering power of all the other professionals… to find the music they want and that you have.

This webinar was Recorded Live on June 11, 2012. The video recording can be purchased at the link below for only $6.50.
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Do You Suffer From VVS: Vertical Video Syndrome?

I'd like to take a moment to inform you about a very serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately.
VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) is spreading quickly and is reaching epidemic proportions. Only YOU can do something about it.

Watch the following public service announcement and educate yourself on this terrible affliction. VVS ruins your attempts at social media videos… and it makes you look just plain stupid.

Just Say NO to Vertical Video.

If you want to book a one-on-one private consultation with Brian, click here for more info.
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A Video Introduction from Brian Thompson & Bob Baker to DIY Music Marketing for the Serious Musician

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DIY Music Marketing for the Serious Musician
Psst... want to see what I look like with a silly sunglasses tan?

Every summer when the sun decides to finally peak through the grey Vancouver skies, I get racoon eyes. Watch and see how silly I look.

Check out this little video message from Bob Baker and myself:

DIY Music Marketing for the Serious Musician

What every musician should know about do-it-yourself music promotion and social media marketing - a new resource from the minds of Bob Baker and Brian Thompson.

Get it here:

If you want to book a one-on-one private consultation with Brian, click here for more info.
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New Videos Posted: Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing Tutorials

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Direct To Fan Music Marketing Webinar
We've ripped a few sample videos from the recording of the recent Direct to Fan Music Marketing Webinar that we put on with The Music Biz Weekly.

Direct to Fan is the practice of identifying people with an interest in your music, creating a relationship with those fans, promoting and marketing your music to them and going direct to them to finance your career by monetizing that relationship.

Direct-to-Fan is no longer an option — it’s a necessity.Click to Read More...

How To Use ReverbNation To Promote Your Music: Webinar + Free Slideshow Download

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We are very excited to have Nick Sehn, Product Manager for Promote It and Ferol Vernon from ReverbNation deliver this webinar, How To Use ReverbNation to Promote Your Music.

Join Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold from The Music Biz Weekly along with Hypebot for a 60 minute webinar into the world of ReverbNation, followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

This webinar was Recorded Live on May 8, 2012 and the video recording can now be purchased at the link below for only $5.
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29 Ways To Stay Creative (video + infographic)


Click on Read More below to see the accompanying infographic.Click to Read More...

Henry Rollins Tells It Like It Is To Young People

Listen up kids and adults alike, Henry Rollins dishes out some damn fine life lessons here.

Rollins gives advice on discipline, self-reliance, and overcoming obstacles.

View the original video here from Big Think here.Click to Read More...

The $8 billion iPod (TED Talks Video)

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The following TEDtalks video form comedic author Rob Reid unveils Copyright Math, a remarkable new field of study based on actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and lobbyists. In this video Reid completely skewers the entertainment industry's inflated claims of damages that result from copyright infringement.

“[The first MP3 player] was a big Christmas hit, because what little hoodlum wouldn't want a million and a half bucks-worth of stolen goods in his pocket?”

Watch the video below for his hilarious 5-minute lecture, in which he demonstrates just how off-base some of these numbers from the RIAA and MPAA are.

Rob Reid is an author and a serial entrepreneur. He founded the company that created the Rhapsody music website, and his latest book, Year Zero, will be published in July. In it, aliens seek to erase the ruinous fines on their vast collections of pirated American music by destroying the Earth. Parts of it are made up.Click to Read More...

Bruce Springsteen's 2012 SXSW Keynote Address (Video)

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The description underneath the following video says it best:

"The Boss" himself delivered an inspirational keynote speech for 2012 SXSW in front of a packed convention centre crowd. Springsteen talks about his influences, how he still practices his rock n' roll poses in his bedroom mirror, and he even picked up the guitar to croon a bit for the crowd.

Bruce stated the obvious that there are tens of thousands of talented bands out there, giving young musicians hope by telling them to make a name for themselves in music by being, tough, cocky and humble.

The near-hour keynote proved to, not only those in attendance, but those listening/watching around the world, that "The Boss" needs to release an autobiography. Seriously! Who couldn't listen to Bruce speak for hours upon hours? The guy is a wordsmith. He is a poetic genius. This keynote proves that.

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See the New Lyric Video for Art Of Dying's Sorry

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Watch the official lyric video for Sorry, the new single off Art Of Dying's new album Vices and Virtues. Get the album now right here.

To celebrate the release, Art Of Dying wants YOU to change your profile pic on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of, to a shot of YOU holding up an image that says “SORRY”. Don't we all need to say it to someone? We’ll pick the best ones and feature them.

Here's Jonny's profile pic:Click to

Waging War Against Monotony and Mediocrity

After I wrote yesterday's article on lessons for success from KISS's Paul Stanley, I had a couple of tweets back and forth with his interviewer, Lee Hawkins (who also happens to be a musician himself) from the Wall Street Journal.

This morning Lee sent me another new interview which he thought I might be interested in with Cee-Lo Green, star judge of NBC's hit show 'The Voice' and the man behind such smash hits as Crazy and Fuck You!

Both interviews feature honest, straight-up talk on the business of music and current industry trends. Once again, there are some great takeaways for not only fellow musicians, but also for anyone living and pursuing a creative life.

These sound-bytes are as relevant to an entrepreneur as they are to any artist:Click to Read More...

The Key to Success? The Law of Commonality.

Paul Stanley painting, Dreamcatcher
Unlike some people I know, KISS has never been one of my favourite bands. Although admittedly when I was kid, yes… I definitely had a little KISS-phase (insert air band here). My brief love affair with them was mostly due to them releasing a couple of major new albums (Lick It Up and its follow Animalize) right at the same time as  when I was discovering "heavy metal".

But aside from those couple of years, their music really didn't do much for me.

However, I've always respected the band's tenacity and perseverance in the music business. They've never given up,  they've always stayed true to who they were, and they always delivered the goods to their diehard fans. Their unparalleled success, in both music and business, is a testament to their keen understanding of marketing and branding.

I just finished watching an intriguing new interview Paul Stanley did with the Wall Street Journal where he made some though provoking comments. I just had to share them with you. The most notable take aways in the interview were Paul's thoughts on his key to success and his philosophy on career longevity.

Words of wisdom from someone who has led a very long and successful career pursuing his creativity and life passions:Click to Read More...

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA): Explained (VIDEO)

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I just stumbled upon this video and needed to share it. Regardless of SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) being squashed, our Internet freedoms and online culture continue to be threatened… globally.

ACTA has been secretly in the works for quite some time now, behind closed doors. Watch this for more info:

Info from the video description:
ACTA is one more offensive against the sharing of culture on the Internet. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is an agreement secretly negotiated by a small "club" of like-minded countries (39 countries, including the 27 of the European Union, the United States, Japan, etc). Negotiated instead of being democratically debated, ACTA bypasses parliaments and international organizations to dictate a repressive logic dictated by the entertainment industries.

ACTA would impose new criminal sanctions forcing Internet actors to monitor and censor online communications. It is thus a major threat to freedom of expression online and creates legal uncertainty for Internet companies. In the name of trademarks and patents, it would also hamper access to generic medicines in poor countries.
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I Want YOU To Be The Star In My New Crowdsourced Video

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So I decided to make a little "testimonial" video. It's not going to be anything fancy, just a short little thing for people to get a vibe for what I'm doing.

And I want YOU to be the star of the video
That's right… I'm
crowdsourcing baby!

So… if I've possibly taught you some cool new things, or if I've helped you in some way, or simplified your daily routine, or inspired you or motivated you somehow, then
send me a brief 10-30 second video message with your testimonial.

And it doesn't matter whether you're a present or past client, a fellow tweeter, a happy facebooker, a blog reader, a  quote lover, a newsletter diehard or a podcast fan. It doesn't matter… I just want to see your smiling face and hear what you have to say! 

Brian Thompson - Pointing Up
So go ahead and hit the record button. Right now. Seriously. If you wait and say you'll do it later… we both know it won't happen.

So turn on your camera
(or use your iPhone), say a few short words (no longer than 30 seconds) and then send the file using the form that's right here in this blog post.

February 15 I'll edit the clips together and air the video we made together right here on this page.

This will be fun! 
I can't wait to see what you come up with.

—Brian Thompson

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Video: How to Use WordPress for Your Website

Buy Wordpress Webinar
The recorded video of our WordPress Webinar is now available for only $5.

The Music Biz Weekly Music Marketing Webinar:
How to Use WordPress for Your Website

* How to install WordPress on your server.
* What hosting companies offer the best support for WordPress.
* What is the difference between and
* Proper configuration on your WordPress install.
* How To Install A Theme (and how that process differs between .org and .com).
* How to enhance your WordPress site with plugins. Which plugins are must have.
* How to setup WordPress to work with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
* How to format and write effective posts.
* How to do basic, but effective, Search Engine Optimization.
* How to add a email list and configure it to promote your music.
* How to run a contest on a WordPress site.
* How To Create A Music Page for Your Site.
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Video Premiere: Art of Dying Party and Play Hard on 'Get Thru This'

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Art Of Dying just premiered the new official new video for Get Thru This today on Noisecreep.

Here's what Noisecreep had to say about it, republished as it originally appears here...Click to Read More...

Foo Fighters Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

This is fucking brilliant.

On Aug. 30th, 2011 Westboro Baptist Church called for a picket of the Foo Fighters show in Kansas City. Well, Dave Grohl and Co. had a little something up their sleeves as a rebuke to their religious hate-speak.

And to you bands and artists out there, remember that blog post I made a few days ago? Looking for Success? 10 Ways To Go Beyond the Usual. This is the shit I'm talking about folks…
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Success In The Music Industry

I've heard the name, but knew nothing about him. But after reading the most recent Lefsetz Letter (from Bob Lefsetz) titled Howard Bloom - Success in Music Industry, I was beyond intrigued about this former music industry publicist, Howard Bloom.

Howard Bloom is an American author. Born June 25, 1943 in Buffalo, New York, he was a publicist in the 1970s and 1980s for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx. In 1988 he became disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since then he has published three books on human evolution and group behaviour, The Genius of the Beast, The Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle, which are informed by his ideas about what underlies the success of major rock and roll artists.

These books generalize and extend his ideas about what makes rock and roll artists successful to human nature. According to him: "Everything from the wolf-pack behaviour of music business executives to the lemming-like conduct of hypocritical journalists helped shape my insights" and that "The real magic of rock happens at a concert, where if the performers are successful, individuals ... merge in a pulse of common emotion ... This consolidation mirrors the force that create much of both human good and evil".

Turn off the TV. Hit pause on your music… and watch the video below, it's 6 minutes well spent. There are so many incredible quotes from Howard in this short little video, including:

"There is no such thing as being a genius. Every single day you have to deliver things in wondrous ways to the best of your minimal abilities."

"The trick is persistence… once you get a sense of what you want to do, do it with all your strength and all your might and do it every day…"

What take-aways did you get from this video?
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What it's Really Like to Work in a Music Store

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Some of you may have seen these before, they're not new… but damn, they're just too funny not to share!

There's 5 videos in total, so click on the Read More link to see the rest of them...

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Kevin Schallie from Columbia Performs Acoustic Version of Setting Sun

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Our good friends over at Nimbus School of Recording Arts are presenting a series of 20 different videos from local Vancouver artists performing their favourite acoustic cover songs.

Nimbus was founded by legendary producers Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper) and GCGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers) with Kevin Williams (Hot Sole Music), having drawn upon their extensive experience and multi-platinum successes to create some of the most progressive Sound Recording, Music Production, Music Business, and Artist Development programs in the world.

Kevin Schallie, singer/songwriter for the band Columbia, with his version of "Setting Sun" by the Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher.

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Billy the Kid Releases Free Song #8, Plus 2 New Music Videos

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New music video for Diamonds.

Directed by Douglas Thomson.
visit to download this song.

Free Song #8 - Back In The Sand

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Columbia Prepares for Release of New Song & Video

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Kevin Schalie - Columbia, Vocals
Vancouver's brit-inspired rockers Columbia have been spending most of the year in some intensive songwriting sessions, gearing up for the recording of their second album.

But the whole recording process can be a lengthy one, so rather than wait many months to release something new, the band decided to jump into a friend's studio and crank out one of their favourite new songs as quickly as possible.
Richard Jacquard - Columbia, Guitars
And that they did. One week later the song is not only finished and awaiting the mixing and mastering stage, but they've also filmed a video for it too.

So in prep for the new song, here's the lyrics for you, plus a little teaser for the new video we'll be premiering next week. If you've seen the band perform recently, then you might already be familiar with the new song, The Time.
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Video Premiere: 'What's Left' by Late July

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"What's Left" by Late July

Buy the tunes at
Directed by Nicole Simone
Shot by Nate Kogan
Edited by Adrian Vieni
Make Up & Styling by Alexandra Rotundo

"‪Doghearted" by Late July‬

Art Of Dying - Get Thru This (Official Lyric Video)

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See the new official lyric video for Get Thru This from Art Of Dying's album "Vices and Virtues."
Get it at iTunes now:

Also on the new Transformers 3 soundtrack!

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Billy the Kid Covers Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown

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CBC is on the hunt for the greatest undiscovered talent in the country to be a part of a major new music series "Cover Me Canada" on CBC Television, which premieres Sunday, September 18th at 9pm.

And just for the fun of it Billy the Kid decided to toss her hat in the ring. Here's her cover version of a classic Canadian by Gordon Lightfoot, Sundown.

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DIY Tip - Sometimes I Work Better In The Dark

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Life can be demanding. We all have our mandatory jobs and chores to the pay bills, but most of us also have our passion projects too. Too often, life gets in the way of spending some quality time to work on these goals.

You can find success, inspiration, and get some serious work done on these projects by simply changing your routine and/or the environment you do them in.

Every now and then I'll pull an all-nighter work session. I turn the lights out, close the blinds, turn on some non-distracting music (classical, mellow jazz, ambient, etc.)... and Focus!

It's amazing how much quality work you can crank out when there's no distractions. Its quiet, it's easier to get "in the zone", there's no emails coming in, there's no phone calls... there's no expectations.

It's just you and your work.

Now I'm not saying everyone should pull all-nighters, but you can find similar success with increased productivity by simplebeing in a different environment and having a different mind-set or approach to the task at hand.

Even something as simple as relocating to a coffee shop for a couple of hours with your laptop can equal 5 hours of work anywhere else!

Mix it up and stay inspired.

Thanks for watching :)
Brian Thompson
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New Quartered Video: Eternity Below

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Quartered online here.
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Billy the Kid Performs Live On BalconyTV

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See the original article here:

And don't forget to
pre-order Billy's upcoming new album titled "Ours" here:
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DIY Tip - Under Sell & Over Deliver

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I get solicited with a ton of new music from independent artists. And on the flipside of that, I've also sent out a slew of cold-call emails and press releases to industry people as well.

One of the main things I've learned from being on the receiving end of these messages, and from getting successful replies to the messages I've sent out, is that you need to NOT "over sell" your music or product.

If you rave and go on and on and on about how great you or your product is, I immediately call BS and delete the message, let alone listen to the music. And I know I'm not alone in this. When you receive hundreds and hundreds of weekly emails, it's just a natural part of the review and editing process.

So... if you want your message to be read, and for your links to be clicked and listened to or looked at, under sell... and over deliver! Intrigue me with a short little description. Be humble. Be honest. Give me an idea of what it is about, but please don't tell me it's the next-best-thing... nothing can ever live up to that hype. Nothing.

But if you create an air of intrigue and pull me in and I end up being blown away by it, you win! Nothing beats the feeling of having discovered something truly amazing... especially if you get the sense that the artist doesn't even realize how killer the music is.

So there you go. A quick little promo tip for you...

Under Sell & Over Deliver!

Thanks for watching :)
Brian Thompson
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DIY Tip - Change Your Future!

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Everything that happens to you today is a result of what you did yesterday, last month... 6 months ago. If you're not happy with where things are at in your world today, then make some changes and do things differently... it will change your future! Otherwise, if you keep doing things exactly as you have been, you'll be in the exact same spot six months or a year from now.
Change your future by making changes in your life Today!
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DIY Tip - Personal Branding

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Outside of (and in addition) to what you're already doing with your band, you should also consider your own personal branding and how it can complement and enhance your music's brand.

Do you write? Are you a photographer? A cartoonist? Are you a producer, film directors, music teacher, graphic artist, financial analysts, chef, yoga instructor, train collector, or kite enthusiast?

Diversify. Add these elements to your bio and discuss them in interviews. Blog about them on your band's website. Join niche forums on the internet dedicated to these creative pursuits and start new conversations with those communities.

Publicize and promote what you're doing... and your music will have a better chance of being found and stumbled upon by an entirely new community.

Thanks for watching,
Brian Thompson
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DIY Tip - Polish Before You Promote

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Before you start promoting your music to industry professionals (agents, managers, labels, etc.) there's a few things you need to make sure if you have in order first.

- Have a website.

- Can I listen to your music somewhere other than MySpace? (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.)

- Can I download free samples of your music?

- Make sure you have a Blog and have recent posts.

- Optimize your Facebook Page and have a music player installed on it (and make sure you're actually engaging with fans on FB regularly too).

- Be active on Twitter.

- Do you have video performance clips on YouTube?

You might only have one chance at connecting with an industry insider, make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you reach out to them! If your presentation is anything less than professional, they'll probably just walk away and ignore you.

Polish Before You Promote!
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New Video from Quartered: Nothing Without Love

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This is a Quick glimpse into what goes into an average show for Quartered. Filmed, edited and produced by Charles Schrodt from Full.Speed.Ahead Productions.

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DIY Tip: Where's The Wow?

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Ok. Your album rocks. It's a modern day masterpiece. It's FULL of Wow. The Wow Factor is in full effect!

But… why are you having such a tough time to get people to talk about you? Where's the word of mouth? Where's the press and the blog buzz? Where's the fans freaking out about you on Facebook and Twitter? Where are the people at your gigs? And… where are the sales?

I'm willing to bet that you're lacking the Wow Factor in everything else you're doing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be different than everyone else, in everything you do. Add some Wow to your marketing and promotion, your graphics, photos, videos, blogs and tweets!

If you want to be the subject of people raving about you behind your back, make sure you're worth talking about… in everything you do. Add some Wow!
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DIY Tip - Make Do With Less and Be More

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Ok, first things first. This video was shot early in the morning after an insomnia-filled night, resulting in less than three hours sleep. So I made do with less. I look tired. My voice sounds a little scratchy. My eyes are watery... but I think I still got my point across in a record 49 seconds.

Today's DIY Tip is a quick little reminder of something we all know but rarely practice. By following this tiny little bit of advice you can learn more, do more... and accomplish more!

So this is it. Make do with less. Less TV, less video games, less pointless web surfing for pointless content, and perhaps for some people... even less sleep.

Instead, take those minutes and hours saved and do more reading, researching, learning, communicating, networking, marketing, promoting, practicing, creating... doing!

Make your life Rock. Get off the couch and just do it!

Thanks for watching!
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DIY Tip: Passion, Persistance, Perseverance & Tenacity

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Today's DIY Tip is a simple reminder of what history has proven to us time and time again:

Success = Passion + Persistance + Perseverance + Tenacity

If you have these ingredients and and personality traits, you are destined to succeed at whatever it is you set out to do in life.

I also talk a little about the new
Art Of Dying album that was just released, Vices And Virtues, and the fundraising campaign that Billy the Kid has launched.

Thanks for watching!
Brian Thompson

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Art Of Dying Releases New Album & Video Premiere

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The wait is over!

Vices and Virtues the major label debut album from Art of Dying drenched in blood, sweat, tears and beers, is now available everywhere. Get it today in stores or buy it now at iTunes HERE! And get Die Trying for free this week at iTunes as the Single Of The Week here.

Lastly, We are proud to unveil the
official video for Die Trying! Watch it below... now!

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DIY Tip: Social Media Rewards For Fandom & Loyalty

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Today's DIY Tip is about monitoring the mentions of your band (or brand) online and making the most out of your supporters and fans.

If you're tracking what's being said about you online (Twitter, blogs, blog comments, Facebook fan page postings, etc.) you have a huge opportunity to reward your fans and strengthen the relationship.

Do you have a casual, unconnected fan who casually mentioned you in their Twitter feed? Why don't you send them a private thank you message? Why don't you reward their public display of affection for you with a link to a free download? Or a coupon for a discount in your store? Or a meet n' great opportunity at one of your live shows? Or a personalized video thank you message?

The possibilities are endless and the upside benefits are immeasurable. And it only takes a moment of your time!

By giving out random acts of kindness to people who speak about you, you're opening the doors to creating a potential lifelong fan or customer, who in turn will continue to evangelize you to their friends and followers, which in turn creates new fans.

It's just one big happy, continuous circle of social currency paying off... for both you and your fans.

Reward your fans and keep the love coming!

Thanks for watching!
Brian Thompson
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DIY Tip: Social Media Is A Slow Roast, Not A TV Dinner

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Today's DIY Tip video blog is about developing and nurturing new relationships with people of influence (music blogger, magazine editor, agent, manager, label, etc.) through social media, before you hit them up with a sales pitch or a favour.

Don't rush things online, it doesn't work! To quote Chris Brogran in his book Trust Agents, "Social Media Is A Slow Roast, Not A TV Dinner!".

Thanks for watching!
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DIY Tip: Transform Online Chatter into Offline Opportunities

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Today's DIY Tip video blog is about transforming online chatter into offline opportunities.

Stuck in a rut online? Take it offline and connect in real life!

Stand out from the crowd, connect with influencers in your industry via the phone or going out for a beer or a coffee. Become more than just a tweet that scrolls across someone's screen... new opportunities await you.

PS - Can you tell that there's some reno's going on in my building?

Thanks for watching!
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NEW Video from The Post War... Starring My Dog!

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The Post War

Our good friends in The Post War just released a brand new video today for their new single, Save Ourselves. The band is also offering the song as a free download, so swing by their website and download a copy for yoruself.

Not only does this song kick ass, but I have to take extra special pride in this video since it stars my very own dog, Koda the Siberian Husky! Yes, yes, there will be a meet and greet and paw print autograph signing at a shopping mall near you.

And in case you wanted to see more of Koda, if you snoop around our YouTube channel you might just find a few more home videos of her....

And now... the online debut of Save Ourselves from The Post War!

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DIY TIp: Don't Push, Pull Them In!

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Today's video blog DIY Tip is about abolishing the idea that "...if you build it they will come."

Regardless of whether it's your latest album or recording, your blog, your book, or whatever it is your'e trying to spread to the world... you need to
pull people in with creative use of social media.

Old media is dead.

Get started with social media today and
pull people in by creating intrigue and interest... without cramming and pushing stuff down people's throats (ie. "advertising" or "selling" your goods).

Thanks for watching!

PS - Don't forget to sign up to
The DIY Daily newsletter... it's free and full of tons of killer tips and information. Information is power!

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Art Of Dying: The Making Of Vices & Virtues Pt. 3

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Go behind the scenes with Art of Dying making their new album of Vices and Virtues. New album in stores March 22, 2011. For more info and touring visit

And in other
Art Of Dying news, the band was filming the video for their smash hit Die Trying this week. Watch for it soon...

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Ask Brian From Thorny Bleeder Anything
...And He'll Reply With A Video!

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Hey guys! It's me, Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder... and I have another cool new feature to unveil for everyone! It's my new profile on VYou. Check out my embedded video below and ask me a question! Better yet, visit my full profile page here.

VYou allows people to broadcast video structured as conversations, offering the most personal form of social interaction on the web. It works like this: you record video responses to messages entered by friends and fans. VYou organizes their messages and your videos into conversations, making the experience feel continuously live even though the content is stored.

VYou lets you get advice from experts, interact with your favourite celebrity or organization, or communicate with friends and family using a social presence that persists even when you're away!
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Video Podcast: Best Canadian Music Website?

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It's the last day of votes before the next cut for CBC Radio 3's search for Best Canadian Music Website. Who wants to help take Thorny Bleeder to the Top 15? Each and every vote makes a difference!

Vote Here:
(no signup or registration required)

It'd be rad if you could
share this video and/or the voting link on your Facebook profile, your Twitter and your blog. Let's do this!

Thanks so much everyone, much love!
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Art Of Dying: The Making of Vices and Virtues

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Holy crapballs Tampa Bay, you're in for one hell of a show on April 21st! Art Of Dying was just announced to an amazing hard rock lineup for this year's 98 Rock Fest.

Art Of Dying joins 3 Doors Down, Seether, Stone Sour, Theory Of A Deadman, Skillet, Halestorm, and more for an incredible day of rock!

And in other news,
watch the video below and go behind the scenes of Art of Dying making their new album of Vices and Virtues. New album in stores March 22, 2011. For more info and touring visit

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Video: Thorny Bleeder Q & Eh? with Nimbus School Of Recording Arts

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We had a live video chat webisode tonight and it was EPIC!

We had such a great turnout that it went for over two and a half hours long.


So... if you have a spare 2 1/2 hours, and you're really interested in music marketing, watch the recorded version of our video web chat below!

Watch live streaming video from thornybleeder at

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NEW Q & Eh? Live Video Chat: Sunday, Feb. 6

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Join Thorny Bleeder's
Brian Thompson and special guest Chris Brandt for an uncensored, live video chat Q & EH? session:

NEW Livestream Video Event:
Sunday, February 6
7pm PST / 10pm EST

Brian Thompson, Managing Partner, Thorny Bleeder Records, Founder, The Bleeder Blog
Tune in Live:

This is a free event and it's a completely open forum for
you to ask whatever questions you have for Brian and Chris. Topics for discussion include (but aren't limited to):
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Artist Development
  • Music Marketing
  • Thorny Bleeder
  • Nimbus School Of Recording Arts

Who the F@#k is Chris Brandt?
Chris Brandt
Chris Brandt is the Department Head and instructor of the Music Business program at Nimbus School of Recording Arts.

With 10 years’ experience at
Universal Music, Chris managed the sales, promotion and marketing of over 6,000 releases a year. In 2004 he launched Cazart! Records, an independent label and music publishing company. Most recently, Chris spent 3 years as the President of the Board of Directors for Music BC.

Through his work at Nimbus, Chris is proud to support the efforts of Music Therapists at BC Children’s Hospital and Canuck Place, and partner with The Music Therapy Ride to design mobile recording units for use in hospitals. In his other life, Chris teaches regular yoga classes and workshops.

Lock this date into your calendar now and we'll see you online Sunday, February 6th at 7pm PST!
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Get Thorny 3: A Spoof Commercial

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Do you remember those cheesy old TV commercials from the 80's for K-Tel records? Well for some reason I was inspired to fart around with iMovie and created my own version for our latest release, the free donload Get Thorny 3.

Is it over the top? Yes. Silly and pointless? Sure is!
Here it is:

And in a similar moment of silly online inspiration, I created the following animated video using a free online website I stumbled upon. Don't hate. Just having some fun... ;)

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Video Performance with Billy the Kid

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Here's the recorded video of tonight's debut episode of
Q & Eh? with Brian Thompson, featuring a hangout session and live acoustic performance with singer/songwriter Billy the Kid.

Watch live streaming video from thornybleeder at

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Live Video Chat & Performance with Billy the Kid

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Billy the Kid

Join us this Sunday, January 2 at 7pm PST/10pm EST for a LIVE Video Chat with Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder Records and his special guest, Billy the Kid.

Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and spend your evening chilling with us for the
debut episode of Q & Eh? with Brian Thompson.

Both Brian and Billy will be answering your questions live, as they roll in from our viewers, and the subject matter is completely open. And not only that, but Billy will also have her guitar with her, so you can expect to see a couple of live acoustic performances from this amazing singer/songwriter too.


You can either come back to this page and watch the live video in the player below, or you can visit our official channel on
Livestream at the following link:

So don't forget, we need YOU to help make this a success! Plop a little reminder into your phone's calendar and join us this Sunday night for some wicked conversations, live music, fun times and good laughs!
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New Black Hat Villain Video for Creature

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Check out this new & exclusive fan video for Black Hat Villain, in their raw form, behind the scenes.

Watch footage from live shows, the recording studio, radio interviews, a photo shoot with legendary photographer Erich Saide, and candid tongue-in-cheek shots from being on the road, all set to the track of fan favourite song, "Creature".

Edited by Ryan Weldon

Black Hat Villain - Creature

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Public Service Announcement from TV Heart Attack

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Big Brother is watching. Do your part.

TV Heart Attack. Crucial Music.

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New Billy the Kid Demo: Your House

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Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid is quite the prolific artist, DIY to the core. A case in point is all of the new songs she's recording directly onto her laptop and posting on YouTube, with zero editing or post-production. And they don't need it either. This is the type of honesty and talent that proves what a real artist is.

With just her guitar, piano and voice, she's cranking out new songs at a feverish pitch. And with video demos that sound this good, how can we not be excited about her new album in 2011? Here's one of my favourites from her batch of new songs, titled Your House. Here's what Billy has to say about it:

"While staying at a friend's house some band mates of his came over and all the girls were saying "Woooow I Loooove your house!" It occurred to me that someone might potentially end up marrying him just because his house is just THAT cool. I wrote this song so he's careful who he invites over over from now on! Be warned! ;)"

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The Reality of Artist Development Deals at Major Labels

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In this clip from - Owen Husney, a manager, talks about today's lack of artist development by the record companies and the importance of a fan base.

If bands want quality guidance from a label, they need to have already proved themselves independently.

And this is the reality of the music industry these days. Whether you're shopping for a label, a manager, an agent, a publicist, or a radio have to eliminate as much risk as possible for your potential partners by
proving to the industry that you have the work ethic, and the drive, to do this with our without anyone else's help. That's the kind of attitude that lands a band a team of pros and propels them to the next level...

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NEW Lyric Video from Art Of Dying - Die Trying

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Here it is, the long awaited new single from Art Of Dying, Die Trying! This is the first single from their upcoming album on Reprise/Warner, titled "Vices & Virtues", due to be released in 2011.

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The Rebellion Begin Recording New Album

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The Rebellion

It's been awhile since we've posted an update from the guys in The Rebellion, but good things come to those who wait. After finishing up some spring touring earlier this year, lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist Josh Palmer took some time off to travel Europe. After returning home the lads jumped right into the studio to start tracking for their next album.

Lucky for us they had video camera rolling. Check out the video below for an exclusive sneak peak into a brand new song from The Rebellion (to be released sometime in 2011).

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Live Video: Black Hat Villain at The Commodore

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Black Hat Villain

Watch the LIVE VIdeo highlights of Black Hat Villain performing live at The Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver, BC for 99.3 The Fox Seeds 2010 Launch Party below.

Thanks to our good friend
Chris Fisher for filming and putting together this incredibly cool edit for us. Check out some of Chris's amazing live photos beneath the video link as well...

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Live Video: Black Hat Villain on Canada Day 2010

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On Canada Day, July 1st 2010, filmmaker Chris Fisher captured Black Hat Villain's Vancouver Seeds Showcase for the 99.3 THE FOX FM at The Bourbon in Vancouver.

Using only one camera and a day to edit all of the footage, this up and coming film magician captures the passion and energy of Black Hat Villain's live performance and cut it to the studio track "My Generation", the first single from the band's debut six-song EP of the same name.

A big shout-out to Chris for his time, energy and talent and we look forward to creating a full blown music video for this song in the coming months ahead.

In the meantime, please show his work some love and share this video throughout The Black Hat Nation!

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Does File Sharing Help The Industry? A Discussion.

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Today we bring yet another music biz discussion video from, featuring Alan Cross, AUX Weekly host Barry Taylor, CBC Radio 3's Craig Norris, and Sirius Radio's director of Canadian Content Andreanne Sasseville.

Does file sharing actually encourage people to buy music? Is it good for the bands and the consumer? You probably already know what our opinion is...Free The Music! In a nutshell, our opinion is that file sharing helps spread music to the masses and create new fans.

But that's just our opinion, watch the vid below to see what these industry experts think...

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Satellite Radio and Social Media: A Discussion

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Today we bring you yet another music industry video discussion, care of

This discussion features Alan Cross, David Marsden, AUX Weekly's Barry Taylor and Jay "Mad Dog" Michaels from Virgin Radio. Find out how satellite radio compares to terrestrial radio and how the new technology of social media is keeping the 'older' radio technology fresh.

Is Satellite Radio really the lazy man's iPod? Watch the video below for this intriguing discussion and leave your comments and thoughts below!

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The Role Of The Radio DJ: A Discussion

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We're happy to bring you another video from AUX TV featuring Alan Cross from Explore Music, David Marsden, AUX Weekly's Barry Taylor and Jay "Mad Dog" Michaels from Virgin Radio.

In this roundtable discussion, the panelists discuss the role of the radio DJ as gatekeepers of music - what freedoms do DJs need to guide music culture? Does the current state of commercial radio allow DJs any freedom for editorial choices?

Radio DJs used to be cultural gatekeepers, a trusted music filter who listened to all of the bad music so you didn't have to. Has this era passed? Where are things going from here?

Watch the video below and leave us your comments on your thoughts!

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Is Radio Dead? A Discussion.

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Check out this video below featuring Alan Cross, David Marsden, AUX Weekly's Barry Taylor and Jay "Mad Dog" Michaels from Virgin Radio.

It's the age-old question of the state of today's airwaves, and these industry veterans break down the pros and cons of how deejays can operate.

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Special Video Message & Performance from Scott Valentine

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TV Heart Attack Preps New Claymation Video

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TV Heart Attack are working on an incredibly exciting new video for the song 'Wolves', a fan favourite from their current EP, Lost In The Sway.

The video is being done by Chad Krowchuk and it's a soon-to-be claymation masterpiece! Set in a Tim Burton-esque dark and creepy landscape, the video will be the perfect visual accompaniment to this moody and brooding track. The video is scheduled for release in late Summer, early Fall...

Haven't heard Wolves yet? Check out the song below, followed by some exclusive photos from this amazing work in progress...
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Music Can Learn From Fashion's "Free" Culture

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Copyright law's grip on film, music and software is suffocating...yet it barely touches the fashion industry...and fashion
benefits because of it, in both innovation and sales, says Johanna Blakley. At TEDxUSC 2010, she talks about what all creative industries can learn from fashion's "free" culture.

Fashion encourages an open creative process and because there is no copyright, design has been elevated. So why hasn't copying destroyed the fashion industry? And without ownership (copyright), is there an incentive for creators to innovate?

Watch the video below to find out...this is a very intriguing concept which people need to consider. So...sow can this free culture be transposed over to the music and entertainment industries? Discuss!

To view more TED Talks videos, go here:
http://www.ted.comClick to

New Animated Video from Black Hat Villain!

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Black Hat Villain bring the dirty and dangerous rock & roll back into view with their debut EP, My Generation.

One Way Street reflects the melodic tension and driving force of their musical mayhem and so does this unique music video, written and directed by lead singer Scotty Tuesday.

It's a multi-layered video with a cool storyline and subtitles, so it will probably take a few views to digest all of it. This video took several months to make and we're really excited to see what thinks of it. Leave your comments below, we'd love to hear from you!

So without further's the worldwide debut release of the new video for One Way Street:

Like it? Post it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, Share it and spread the love!

99.3 The Fox
And in other Black Hat Villain news, the band has entered Vancouver Seeds, put on by 99.3 The Fox and

This is a fan-based competition based on head over to, create yourself a quick personal profile...and VOTE for Black Hat Villain!

You can vote once a day, so if you love this band show your support each and every day of the week. Voting starts Monday, May 17.

Find their profile page here:

Let's show the world what Black Hat Villain is about!

LISTEN and BUY the new Black Hat Villain EP here:

<a href="">My Generation by Black Hat Villain</a>

or on iTunes here.
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Happy Easter from Art Of Dying!

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Happy Easter everyone!

And to celebrate, here's a very special acoustic performance of "Fits Of Clarity" from Art Of Dying's Jonny Hetherington. Performed and filmed today, just for you!

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How To Break Your Band: Social Media

The following video is from social media marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuck from Wine Library TV, who I've mentioned before here. This guy is doing everything right with social media and he's created an amazing brand for not only himself, but his company too.

In only 4 minutes he successfully explains why you must embrace and exploit social media
now to grow the profile of your business. While his thoughts are directed towards businesses, we all know that as a DIY artist in an independent band you face the exact same hurdles; reaching a new audience, gaining new fans, and monetizing your new followers to grow your business.

Watch this video, there's some important lessons here for everyone!

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New Art of Dying Music Video - Ghosts and Heroin

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Check this out: New Art of Dying Music Video - Ghosts and Heroin, filmed and edited today by Jonny Hetherington.

Here's what Jonny had to say about it:

"The song "Build a Wall" completely inspired me today to create my first indie music video.

Build a Wall is one of my favorite songs on the debut Art of Dying record. It inspired me to go out into the streets of Vancouver and capture this video. It rained like hell today, which really matched the mood of this song. The theme of the video is "Ghost of the Buses" as I never actually filmed myself directly, only my reflection. Homelessness and mobility are huge issues in any major center and Vancouver is no exception. This video was filmed in East Vancouver and Gastown where you don't have to go far to find character and interesting people. This neighborhood is home to Canadian artists, musicians, drug dealers, hookers and the countries only "safe injection" heroin site. Probably one of the only places in the world that you can see heroin addicts and rich tourists bumping shoulders. It's also the neighborhood that Art of Dying got it's start playing in dingy bars and rehearsing in heart of it all."
-- Jonny Hetherington

And hey
Art Of Dying many of you have heard "A Lot To Live For"? This unreleased solo gem from Jonny Hetherington was featured in the web series "TheVetala". Check out the trailer below which features some cool footage of Jonny in the studio.

Watch out for the brand new album from Art Of Dying coming out later this year on Reprise/Warner.

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Interludes: An Interview with TV Heart Attack

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TV Heart Attack's recent Canadian Tour kicked off in Kelowna, BC at renowned venue The Habitat alongside Thorny Bleeder Records brothers-in-arms The Rebellion and their Peak Performance Project pals in Bend Sinister.

After their blistering set they sat down in the Habitat Lounge for a sweaty, post-show interview for an exclusive web series called
Interludes. Here's the video:

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Columbia Post New Tour Video Blog

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Check out the latest edition of the Columbia Tour Video Blogs below. This band is relentless with filming each and every move while they're on tour, so don't miss out and swing by their
YouTube page for a whole bunch of other silly video shenanigans.

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TV Heart Attack Releases AO Music Video

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TV Heart Attack just finished the video for AO, the first single from their Lost In The Sway EP...and this is the Official Worldwide Premiere!

The video was just uploaded to YouTube and is now being personally delivered to
MuchMusic by our secret agents in the Far East (Toronto).

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Live HD Video: Scott Valentine Peforms at Shore 104 FM

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Episode 5: The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast

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Episode #5 of The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast is now posted on our YouTube Channel, or watch it here...
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Episode 4: The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast

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Episode #4 of The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast is now posted on our YouTube Channel...

In this episode the mysterious
TV Heart AttackQR Code” Campaign is finally revealed.Click to Read More...

Episode 3: The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast

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Episode #3 of The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast is now posted on our YouTube Channel...

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Episode 2: The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast

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Less than a day later after launching the debut episode and I've already cranked out Episode 2 of the new Bleeder Blog Video Podcast...I'm on a roll baby! Check out the video below the latest news and happenings in the world of Thorny Bleeder Records.

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Thorny Bleeder Records Partners With Insider Films

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Insider Films

Thorny Bleeder Records is pleased to announce a new partnership with Insider Films, Canada's premier music video production company. This new partnership simply means that we're going to help connect their creative directors and producers with new artists, and vice versa.

So if you're an artist and are in need of some video content...and who isn't...drop me a line and I'll be happy to help you with more information and get the ball rolling.

Check out the video compilation below for a breif glimpse at some of the many clips from their vast repertoire of amazing music productions.

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The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast: Debut Episode!

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So here it is, the debut episode of The Bleeder Blog Video Podcast.

This is something I've wanted to do for quite awhile, but always seemed to put it off for one reason or another. But no more procrastinating.

Watch the video below and
leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you...

After the video you'll find a number of web links to things I talk about in the video.

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This Is My Heart Attack

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Want to know more about
TV Heart Attack? Check out this great little video for a behind-the-scenes story, directly from the band themselves...

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Shift Happens: The Changing Media Landscape

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This is an official update to the original "Shift Happens" video.
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NEW Radio Interview With Art Of Dying

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Tune in to
CFOX 99.3 FM on Monday, November 16, between 3-5 PM Pacific to hear a brand new interview with Jonny from Art Of Dying and DJ extraordinaire Todd Hancock.

Excitement is building up around Art Of Dying thanks to
Get Thru This being the theme song for the upcoming WWE: Survivor Series. Check out the new trailer below that's now being pumped up in anticipation for the big event...
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Columbia Tour Video Blogs

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In case you're not following Thorny Bleeder on
Twitter or Facebook (shame on you), you've probably missed out on a few things you'd really dig.

For example, check out these brand new tour video blogs from
Columbia as they tour down the West Coast of America...
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Behind The Scenes With TV Heart Attack

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TV Heart Attack teams up with Greendale Productions to shoot the official music video for their single AO, from their newly released album Lost In The Sway. This is an exclusive behind the scenes look at what went on, with your host...Art Guest!

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Live & Acoustic: TV Heart Attack

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100.5 The Peak FMVote for TV Heart Attack

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TV Heart Attack: Guerilla Marketing 101

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See the video below and watch Art from
TV Heart Attack take to the streets of VanCity to promote their new record 'Lost in the Sway'.

Featuring multiple 40ft. videos projected onto the sides of prominent buildings in busy downtown Vancouver, Art gives us a lesson in Guerilla Marketing 101.

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The Death Of A Scene: The Cobalt Closes

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The Cobalt, Vancouver's Hardcore Bar

After smashing heads and melting faces for nearly a decade, Vancouver's hardcore bar shut its doors on October 1, 2009. A sad day in the underground punk & metal scene. A big huge kudos to Wendy 13 for everything she's done for the Vancouver underground, let's hope she finds herself a solid new venue to call home sometime soon.

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A Rebellion Has Begun!

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The Rebellion performed at this year's Ness Creek Music Festival in July, and we just received some official live footage of their epic performance.

Check out the video after the jump for The Rebellion performing "Time" from their soon to be released Thorny Bleeder Records debut album, due to hit shelves in early 2010.
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TV Heart Attack - AO Teaser Video

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TV Heart Attack - Lost In The Sway

Request 'AO'
at your favourite radio station today!

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How To Make Successful YouTube Videos

How to make a viral video

I had a conversation with someone this morning about how to create successful viral vidoes for your band, so I figured I might as well share my thougths with everyone on The Bleeder Blog since it's something that most artists can improve upon.

In a world of expensive marketing and promotion campaigns, creating online video content for your band is a no brainer. It's inexpensive, quick and easy, and more often than not it leads to a source of discovery for new fans.

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District 9 Director Works with Art Of Dying

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Before Art Of Dying was Art Of Dying, they were known as Sunlikestar.

And before Neill Blomkamp was known as the brilliant new director behind the summer blockbuster District 9, he directed a music video for the song Day Survive by Sunlikestar.

Check out the video below for a glimpse at the roots of where Blomkamp and Art Of Dying got their start...

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Black Hat Villain: Live Peformance Footage

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Black Hat Villain

Black Hat Villain have just posted seven new live performance videos from their recent show at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC on Scott Valentine's Vimeo site.

You can check out the videos at this location:

...or view the videos below, after the jump.

Black Hat Villain are currently in the studio recording their debut EP with new vocalist Scott Valentine. Yes, that's the same Scott Valentine who we talk about frequently on this site, the singer/songwriter who has released the epic 5-disc masterpiece,
Seasons. Valentine's solo project differs considerably from his work with Black Hat Villain, they showcase two very different sides to a diverse musical mind.

The MySpace site for Black Hat Villain currently features recordings with their former vocalist, so for the time being these new videos are the only place where you can get a taste of what's to come from this exciting five piece.
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Video: Death of The Rock Critic?

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Lester Bangs Almost Famous

This is a must-see, hilarious video taken from the 140 Characters Conference of speaker Christopher R. Weingarten, music critic for Rolling Stone and Idolator. His topic is how music blogs and Twitter have killed the music critic, and in its wake, 'good' music itself. This is an incredibly witty and insightful presentation that I'm sure everyone will get a kick out of, and hopefully create some conversation on this blog in the process.

Christopher R. Weingarten has also launched a new Twitter profile
@1000TimesYes, where he's doing 1000 micro-music reviews in one year. He's currently at #408, it's a cool concept.

Video below...
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Top 5 Touring Tips for Artists

Martin Atkins, drummer from Public Image, Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails wrote a book called Tour Smart. A video was just posted online at New Music Strategies where Andrew Dubber gives him a quick interview and he shares some touring tips with everyone.

See the video interview below, followed by another video of Martin Atkins talking about his book:Click to Read More...

LIVE Art Of Dying Video: June 2, Ottawa

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Art Of Dying

More live Art Of Dying video is surfacing on the web each and every day, thanks to their big Canadian tour with Disturbed.

The video below is courtesy of our good friend Claudia in Montreal, from
Live 'N Loud Magazine. This is fresh footage from last night's show in Ottawa and is a compilation of both old and new songs.Click to Read More...

2 New Scott Valentine Videos Free Downloads

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Scott Valentine Presents

Below is the second video of 4 parts that make up the accompanying DVD of the Seasons album, entitled 'Seasons: A Film Journey'. With the beginning of each season, a new part of the story/short film will be revealed.
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LIVE Art Of Dying On YouTube

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I just spoke to Jonny from Art Of Dying this morning, reporting from the road while on tour with Disturbed, Skindred, and All That Remains. The guys are having the time of their lives bouncing around Eastern Canada and the Maritimes in their RV, and the shows are apparently "killer!".

If you type Art Of Dying into YouTube and sort the results by the newest videos posted, you'll see a ton of new live videos posted by fans from their cameras and cell phones. You gotta' love music nowadays, there's zero delay in spreading the music. Here's one of those fan-captured live videos for you to check out, recorded live in Moncton only days ago, on May 29th.
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Scott Valentine Presents: Where Do We Belong?

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Here's a live video of the 10th of 57 songs that Scott Valentine will be releasing FREE every Tuesday for One Year. It's also the first song from the "Summer" record, so check out the new vibes, emotions and moods of the "'Summer' disc from 'Seasons'.
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Scott Valentine Presents "Sweet Freedom"

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Scott Valentine Presents Seasons, The Album

This week's unique live performance video from Scott Valentine Presents is the song "Sweet Freedom", the last song from the Spring CD, which is a part of the Seasons 5-disc concept album.

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Episode 2: The Bleeder Sessions with Burning Borders

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Welcome to Episode 2 of our brand
new live, renegade, gourilla-style, acoustic video series, The Bleeder Sessions. Subscribe to The Bleeder Blog and watch for new episodes of The Bleeder Sessions coming soon!

Episode 2 features our very own
Burning Borders, with an exclusive acoustic performance of "Disposable".
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Scott Valentine Presents "You're A Star" - Live

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This is a live clip from the
Scott Valentine Presents performance at the Thorny Bleeder Records Showcase on April 28th in Vancouver at The Media Club.

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NEW: The Bleeder Sessions

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The Bleeder Blog and Thorny Bleeder Records proudly present our brand new live, renegade, gourilla-style, acoustic video series, The Bleeder Sessions.

The Bleeder Sesssions

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Autotune Taken To Its Ultimate Conclusion

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Video showing the power (or lack thereof)...of Autuotune.
On a dog.

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Scott Valentine Presents: "Jukebox" A Unique Live Performance

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Here's a special live performance of the 4th of 57 songs that Scott Valentine will be releasing Free every Tuesday for One Year.

Hop on over to Valentine's website and sign up to have a new song delivered to your email inbox each and every week.

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Yuca: Exclusive Studio Session

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New YUCA song! Check out an exclusive peek at YUCA in their rehearsal space, working on their new song, Ghosts.

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Bob Dylan Parody Video

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This video is priceless. You've just gotta check this one out.
It's so incredibly well done, they need to make a full feature movie out of this concept!

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Singer/Songwriter Gives Away Free Song A Week For A Year

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Thorny Bleeder is extremely honoured to present our latest discovery, Scott Valentine. We've created a truly unique approach to spread Scott's music to the world; through a newly launched website...

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Playing For Change: One Love

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Playing For Change is a movement to connect the world through music.

The act of playing music with people of different cultures, religions, economics and politics is a powerful statement. It shows that we can find ways of working together and sharing our experiences with one another in a positive way. Music has the power to break down the walls between cultures, to raise the level of human understanding. Click to Read More...

Sharing: Good For Business?

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is good for business.

Just ask Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails, it certainly worked for them. NIN's Ghosts I-IV album was given away for free last year by the artist, but it was also the number one digital download album of the year on Amazon.Click to Read More...

$99 Music Videos

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$99 Music Videos is an independent music channel of music videos, all made for $99 or less.

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Video: Seth Godin On Why You Need A Tribe

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Seth Godin is one of the world's most acclaimed marketing gurus, authors and speakers. His most recent book, the best-selling "Tribes", is a must-read for anyone interested in becoming a "Leader of a Tribe".

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New Model For Music Business Profits

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Last month at Midem Mike Masnick from Techdirt gave a 15 min. presentation on Trent Reznor's successful approach and attitude towards the new music business.

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Before The Music Dies

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It's been called "the most important film a music fan will ever see."
See for yourself.
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Yuca Web Exclusive

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Yuca performs their new song "Melt You", in this web exclusive video, live from their studio.Click to Read More...

Microsoft Songsmith

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How is that a corporation the size of Microsoft can continually get things so completely and utterly wrong?

Microsoft recently released a new piece of software called Songsmith. The concept is simple; sing a song into the program and it makes the music for you.

Sounds great right?
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Be A Pop Star With Only 4 Chords!

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This video is a little long (5:12), but it's a perfect example of "inspiration" versus "plagiarism"...and it’s pretty damn funny too.Click to Read More...

Goodbye, London Astoria.

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The legendary music venue, the London Astoria Theatre, is closing its doors forever on January 15, with the last ever show taking place today, Wednesday, January 14. Open since 1976, London's most famous rock n' roll venue has hosted many of the biggest names and has also been the choice of numerous live concert recordings (Radiohead, Sum 41, Black Label Society).
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The Turn: "Cut To Pieces" Video

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If you haven't had a chance to check out Vancouver's The Turn, check out their debut music video here.
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For Men Only (sfw).

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Ok, this is tagged as For Men Only because it's from a Stars Wars nerd, to Star Wars nerds. We all know that women hate that movie, any my girlfriend just confirmed that by saying "that's the stupidest video I've ever seen".

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Isolated David Lee Roth Vocal Track

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Ok folks, this is a CLASSIC! If you haven't heard this yet, watch it now. Oh god, I'm laughing just thinking about it.

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Canadian Idol is...Idle.

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Although it is their #2 rated show, CTV has suspended the 2009 series of Canadian Idol. Apparently it is quite expensive to produce, and CTV is predicting decreases in advertising revenue.

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