Vancouver Musician Cultivates Earth Day Interest

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Scott Valentine Presents - Earth Day, All Day, Every Day

Victoria BC-based Scott Valentine Delivers Free Music with a Twist

On Earth Day, April 22, Victoria singer/songwriter Scott Valentine is hitting the streets of Vancouver with a new tune…literally.

The homegrown singer/songwriter was moved to action by the insufficient spotlight today’s environmental issues receive. Valentine will be at high-exposure downtown Vancouver locations on
Earth Day, promoting his second single, ‘Green The New Black’ (as heard on 104.3 Shore FM) by handing out 1,000 free music drop cards, each with a unique PIN providing the recipient with a free download of what Valentine hopes will be eventually recognized as the Unofficial Earth Day Anthem.

But there’s a unique twist…these drop cards are made from 100% post-consumer junk mail and embedded with wildflower seeds. After each card has been redeemed it can be planted under a thin layer of soil and it will blossom into a wildflower garden!

“It should be Earth Day, all day, every day,” says Valentine. “I believe this song will plant that seed of awareness. These drop cards are a pretty cool way of celebrating that.”

Anyone interested in receiving a
FREE Seedcard on Earth Day can receive updated location information by following him on Twitter @ScottyTuesday.

Listen to Scott Valentine’s music at

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