Watch It Grow: An Experiment In Digital Busking

Scott Valentine Presents: Digital Busking

If you're a regular reader of The Bleeder Blog, you'll remember a blog we posted in late April titled:
Vancouver Musician Cultivates Earth Day Interest. On Earth Day, April 22, Victoria singer/songwriter Scott Valentine hit the streets of Vancouver and handed out 19,000 digital songs via free download cards.

It's a little grassroots street level marketing campaign which I've decided to call
Digital Busking (or if you prefer, Busking 2.0). So if you happen to hear this term pop up anywhere in the next couple of years, remember that you heard it here first!

Valentine spent the entire Earth Day at high-exposure downtown Vancouver locations, promoting his second single, ‘Green The New Black’ (as heard on 104.3 Shore FM) by handing out 1,000 free music download cards,
Scott Valentine Presents: Free Music
each with it's own unique code that provided the recipient with a free download of 19 songs from his 4 disc, 57-song debut album titled Seasons.

But there’s a very special Earth Day twist. These download cards were made from 100% post-consumer junk mail and embedded with
wildflower seeds! After each card has been downloaded and redeemed, the user can literally plant the card under a thin layer of soil, water it...and it will blossom into a wildflower garden!

“It should be Earth Day, all day, every day,” says Valentine. “I believe this song (
Green The New Black) will plant that seed of awareness. These drop cards are a pretty cool way of celebrating that.”

So how did the event go? Fantastic, unbelievable, and to be honest...better than expected!

Scotty approached thousands of people on the streets and the response was always met with a smile, especially when people found out they'd not only get free music but free flowers too! Seeing such an enthusiastic response from completely random strangers along with the many thank-you's and hugs was very heartwarming. It truly was a feel-good event that had an impact...both on Scotty personally, for his music, and for some of the people we met as well.

We also had a three-man film crew follow us around for the entire day, so there's lots of footage which is being edited for a very special viral video which will be released in the near future to keep this story growing. After all, Earth Day shouldn't be just one day out of the year...

Earth Day. All Day. Every Day.
My Home. Your Home. Our Home. One Home.

Keep scrolling down for some some photos from the event in addition to a special Earth Day video montage featuring "Green The New Black", the new single from Scott Valentine Presents.

Watch the special Tribute to Earth Day video, featuring Green The New Black by Scott Valentine Presents:

Listen to Scott Valentine’s music at

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